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kyuhae ♥


Sad songs (so many of them)
Compatible emotions (from 13 to 10)
Something you can't control (please come back)
The tears (salty, salty)
But I must (I mask...)

Love this after SuJu's album


Kibum’s messages

Is this real?
Or is this an April fool's joke? (Why do people joke bout these things....)
I really wish that it's real... but wishing sure isn't going to make it real if it wasn't in the 1st place
Maybe I'm a narrow minded person...
But to me, Suju will forever be 13 + 2... always <3

Kibum’s messages Collapse )

Hint of past

A poem for children
One that is said to predict?
Nature or nuture... I guess that in the earliest days, it's nature
Seems that now, the more you know, the worst it is
Complex.... that's what everything is


Monday's childCollapse )


I'm not sure why... but it seems that there is this eerie feeling to it?
Even in books & fanfics that I've read, stumbled upon
This poem is used as a... something in terms of subtle horror? 
Bother.... Maybe I'm just going mad ><

Hankyung oppa.... when will you be baaack.....
Please don't hide anymore TT_TT


Give me strength @_@

Is dying... sigh*
Tell me again.... why on earth did I choose this course?
Ok, so I like hands-on work
And I like reading and writing
But hell....This kind of reading and writing is horrible
What ARE the science people thinking???!!
Such words, explainations used are dry, dry dry!!! Plain BORING T_T


What career will suit your personality? - http://quiz.ivillage.co.ukCollapse )


If only I could dance, or sing, or am even a Korean....
*Migrates to Korea and lives with SuJu's HanHae* kekekekeke


Emo-ish art

On deviantart once again
This time, in search of wings
There're a million and one drawings & pictures of wings
On angels, on animals, on anime characters
All of them, wingified
But there is never one I like that has no one in it

So searching and cussing
I stumbled on a artist
I find that art is still best when it's hand-drawn
Even though I guess
those that are computer-churned are ok too

Anyways, there's some of her art pieces I really like
Are mostly hand drawn, I think
Even though these two are rather emo
I like them =)

By HigarashiCollapse )

Hannie's B-day post

Happy Birthday to my Hankyung oppa!!

Saranghaeyo Hannie oppa <3333
You'll be always my beloved, heart-of-gold gentleChinaman XD
A dorky one as well ne.. kekekeke

I know that it had been tiring for you, this 2009
Being SJM's leader, rushing all over Asia
And yet, you've always placed your best foot forward
A bright smile on your face, shining and glowing 
No matter how tough it was, it could be

Please rest well, energise yourself
But come back... ok?
Oppa....hwaiting! <333

Hannie oppa, hwaiting!

Today's the day
Hankyung oppa...
The day of sweat, nervousness, tears, pain, relief, happiness

Wishing and hoping and praying
Everything, please (Go well, go well, go well)
Wishing dust, wishing dustCollapse )


I'm such a internet fail.... how to work this, how to work that? 
Take this livejournal for example.... for me, it's only for me to rave.
But did I know that I could private/custom my posts? (What, hontouni?! - me, nearly a yr aft joining)
And that, at a click of a link, Friends Page, and I could view all those that I'm a member of? *blanches* 
Fail, fail fail -_-

Ah well....
Neeways, been drowning in Baidu these few days
I had no idea it was a treasure cove, since amount of chinese scares me T_T
But still... I managed to brave the danger and muwahahaha

!!! HANHAEEEEEEEEEE !!!! Collapse )