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Hannie oppa T_T

Oh God.....
.... .... Dear God....
....... ..... ........ My God.......

Hankyung oppa.... Hannie oppa T_T
Understanding what made you do what you do
Doesn't mean I can't be scared, be tearful... right?

But it's dificult to be calm
Because we've all seen what happened to sunbae DBSK
Down swirl, down swirl

Bad... .
... .... Bad ....
....... ...... . Bad

To know that (that's no good) 
To want the best (for you, only you)
To decieve that all is well.... (please don't)

Super Junior is 13... 
Please be 13
Stay 13

13eyond imagination 
13e as one 

Bosses.... (please)
Be kind (make them stay under good)
Because They're our lives

Fruit Basket

My most favourite Japanese manga ever.
!! Fruit Basket !!
I think it's also the first manga I've read?
But the point is,
This is seriously THE BEST
I could read it over and over again without getting sick of it.
I don't really understand why I love Fruit Basket so much but
Something about it that just tugs your heart strings and keeps hold of it.
Even the anime's good
Anime or manga, I usually dehydrate
Coz I'll be tearing up or crying every single time I watch/read it
Yesh... Me the emotional fool *sigh*

The first promiseCollapse )



Why was it that nobody actually informed me that today's going to be a
Let's-all-revolt-against-that-hardworking-girly day
For every freaking piece of important technology in the house?????
First, the irritating Dell computer went into blank-screen-with-blinking-cursor mode on me… yet again
Then, it takes 10000000000000 years to actually scan that thing…
And it’s not EVEN close to being done yet
Later, after me completing my extra study notes, and wanting to print it out
So I can actually bully my poor brain into memorizing even more stuff
The printer refused to work…. AGAIN!
!! What Temperamental Tech I have at home !! *keyboard slam*

I wanna howl and scream
And shout and rave


Still remember those old wooden pencils that we used to use when we were so much more innocent and dumber than now?
Those that were a pain to sharpen because they kept breaking?
Those whose lead kept getting duller and duller as you write on?
Those that had little eraser bits at the top of it?

Well, who knew that these pencils are seen as optimistic?
But I guess it does make sense if you really think about it.
After all, you can still use it if it breaks into two
And the eraser is such a tiny piece, telling you optimistically that
Hey, more good stuff then bad ones comes out from your writings
So you don't need so much eraser up there
And it does seem to last a great deal longer that those mechanical pencils that are in used nowadays
At least, to me it does.
Maybe because I hate sharpening the wooden ones, so I use it as little as possible
Unlike now, where I'm always doodling all over notes and stuff.
In those times, pencils only appear during homework time... =p

What a pain in the ass ><
It's making me miss those times when the days seems to go slow and glow
And everything is interesting and fresh and fun.... haiz

I guess I'm not a wooden pencil... ^^

Vocaloid songs

What is up with me?
Liking scary sounding songs
Like still doll of vampire knights
Weird... creepy.... haunting...
But that's just it
It traps you in
With no where to go
The imagination....

Anyways, was reading a fic... yeah. lolx
Seems to always start from there?
The title caught my eye
Clicky it and here I am.

From what internet research I've done
Dark Wood circus is by a computer program: Volcaloid
Input with voices of voice actors
Then their voices changed by
Fake age, weight and stuff

Seems to be a series thingy...
- Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness
- Dark Woods Circus
- Steel Cage Princess
- Blue Ice Castle
- Red Swamp Bottom

Dark Woods CircusCollapse )

MaknaeKyu spreads the love

Hmm.... so I've gotten a little baby maknaeKyuhyun mad lately.
I wonder why?
I didn't really like him that much before.
At least, I like him like him, but not so much that I start pairing him up n all.
Er... other than KyuHae of course XD
Probably because he's getting a little like PrincessHeeChul in shows I've watched... kekeke  
Gah, Kyuhyun's just getting too adorable/snarky/squishable. rofl

Happy belated Birthday fishyhae <33

I seriously miss my fishyhae... T_T
It was his birthday yesterday and I didn't even do up anything ><
What kind of galfriend am I??? Gosh.
And I didn't even know it was his birthday, until the wonders of the internet.
Yes, I know... you can go ahead and shoot me now TT_TT

Yeah, well....I did think of writing a fanfic.
I found some quote erm.. somewhere
The average person tells 4 lies a day, or 1460 a year, a total of 88,000 by the age of 60.
And the most common lie is
"I’m fine "

See, it so totally suits doesn't it, since Hae's an artist, needing to put up a mask and all.
But then I thought... it's a B-day for Haey-nemo's sake... how can it be sad?!

So I threw ut out and when I was reading the newpaper yesterday, I saw a new movie that was coming out, title 'Hurt Locker'..... or was it 'The Hurt Locker'?
Dangz.... my brain seemed to have aged... UGH.

But anyway, the point was, the moment I saw the title, I was literally smacked  with inspiration.
But since I had class that night.... Oh my freaking AGED brain......
So yeah.... the inspiration got lost in the neverlands =_=

Chance came once more when I was reading a fanfic, and this sentence just made me rofl:
"Donghae was innocent. He was friendly to a fault. He was the sort of guy who would get kidnapped walking down a street and not even know it."

I know.... it just begs on to continue it right?
So obviously spaceyHae's gonna get kidnapped and will most likely reform the kidnapper, but to the extend of falling for the kidnapper? Eww.... that's like, so cliche!

Yup, so thinking till here, it's like totally bye bye inspiration for me.... haiz.

And so, in the end..... I can only wish you....


The street with no name

Lying tears hurt others
Lying smiles hurt oneself

You so obviously love each other
Admit it =P

Ooji nya = prince nya~   and not oo jin ya -_-||

Eunhae madness

My first ever favourite pairing when I first found out about Super Junior.
 I spotted them in Super Adonis Camp Diary.
The infamous 'extreme-violence' couple
The 2nd most famous couple after the appa & umma KangTeuk couple
I give you the *loud drum roll* EunHae couple!!


So here I go, posting these beautiful EunHae friendship pictures.
Aww.... Sweet aren't they? Best Friends Forever and all that <333
But I can hear somone asking.... Where's the violence I was yammering about at the begining?

Ah yes.... All hail the extreme-violent couple: EunHae <33

Friday the Thirteen

It's Friday the Thirteen today, the one day that some people dread.
I don't get what is all the hype about the thirteenth day falling on a Friday.
Why is it bad luck? 
Maybe because thirteen is an odd number?
But ever since 13 represents SUPER JUNIOR
It is to me, a great number now =x
And the day Friday.
Personally, I LOVE Fridays the most since this means that the weekends are starting.
And do you notice that people are normally more relax on Fridays?
So hey, Friday the Thirteen isn't that bad huh?